Personality Development program (PDP) is responsible for providing personality development training to the students to enhance their employability as well as to develop their smartness, enthusiasm and professionalism.


CRC organizes regular classroom contact programs and special boot camps to improve a student’s English language, behavioral etiquette, soft-skills and reasoning skills

PDP Objectives

  • To develop a Positive Outlook
  • To bring out Leadership Qualities
  • To enhance Communication skills
  • To enhance Team Management skills
  • To provide personality development
  • To develop work/ life balance skills
  • To enhence the confidence of the student
  • To develop Stress-management abilities
  • Develop behavioural skills and etiquettes
  • To develop public speaking and presentation skills
  • To inculcate the right attitudes, values, beliefs & ethics

PDP Activities @ I.T.S College of Professional Studies, Greater Noida

Activity based on Self- Introduction

The self introduction for students impacts their mentors and friends and develops an idea about the personality. In addition, it helps to build a positive impression.

Extempore as an activity:

Extempore speech is to evaluate or check the knowledge and confidence of candidate about specific topic and how he/she reacts at the time while speaking.

Leadership Games

Activity helps in developing leadership skills and enable leaders to be more effective in their roles. Students learn about improving core leadership skills like problem-solving, active listening, coordination, support or effective group management.

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